Georgia911 Risk Insurance – Business Liability Insurance

Most ordinary insurance policies do not cover against earthquake damage. More

Flood Insurance for Homeowners

Just because it has not happened before doesn't mean it won’t in the future. More

Severe Weather Warnings

Contact information and details for weather centers and severe weather warning services. More

What to do in an Emergency

We have compiled a list of tips and advice on what to do in a number of emergency situations and how to protect yourself and your loved ones. More

Home & Contents Insurance

Coverage A - Dwelling Coverage

Dwelling coverage covers the value of the property itself and the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home in the event of damage or loss. Dwelling coverage does not include insurance coverage for your land.

Coverage B - Other Structure

Other structures coverage covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding any additional structures on your property. This could include sheds, barns, pool houses or detached garages.

Coverage C – Personal Property and Home Contents

Personal property coverage will cover the costs of replacing your home contents or personal possessions in the event of thefts, loss or damage.

Coverage D – Loss of Use

Loss of use coverage or additional expenses coverage protects you in the event of your home or dwelling being damaged or destroyed and the cost of accommodation and living expenses if you are home is uninhabitable until repairs are completed.

Coverage E – Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability insurance protects you and members of your family in the event of a lawsuit being brought against you. Personal liability insurance would cover the costs if a person was injured on your property.

Coverage F – Medical Payment

Medical payment coverage will cover the costs of medical treatments for a person who is injured on your property and does not want to sue you, for example if a child injures them self falling on your front steps but the parents do not want to sue.

When choosing a homeowners insurance company ensure you get a number of quotes from different insurers and check that your property and home contents will be covered up to the value you require, you don’t want to over insure or under insure your home. By making your home safer and taking precautions against disasters you will be rewarded by a lower homeowner’s insurance premium, for example installing storm shutters or security perimeter fencing.